Angel Wings India


Following the words of Matthew 25:31-46 to feed the hungry, clothe those in need, and take in strangers, the Hilton Head Seventh-day Adventist has opened up two mission opportunities for people to help.  There are 84 million people in India that live in extreme poverty.  Manipur is one of the poorest states within India.  Opportunities to make a difference are:

1) To prayerfully distribute funds to widows and orphans in Manipur and Nagaland.  All of the families receiving funds are those in need, those who are unable to sufficiently provide food, shelter, or needed medical care for themselves and their children.  Pastor Dhormo Kamei,  will provide food supplies to those in need in and around Nagaland in Northeast India.  He often follows the food supplies with Bible studies.  See the attached document for a report from Pastor Dhormo Kamei on how our donations have helped.  Click Here


You can contribute to these worthy causes by clicking on the Online Giving tab above.  Look for Angel Wings India Nagaland and Manipur.






Nagaland and Manipur relief effort & baptisms